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Del Carmen, Siargao Island

Our name... is after the area's salt water crocodile - "Crocodylus Porosus."  

​​How far are we?

The town of Del Carmen is about 35 kilometers or 45 minutes drive from the surfing town of General Luna.

From Siargao Airport in Bry. Sayak, is about 10 kms. to the town of Del Carmen.

"What  started out as a personal desire for a small eatery, has turned into a thriving family-owned restaurant."

Inspired with the booming tourism industry of Siargao Island, and the rapid growth of tourists arriving daily, the Krokodeilos Restaurant, Bar & Catering opened its doors to the public in July 13, 2013 in our own town of Del Carmen.

Del Carmen is known for its mangrove forest that a single forest block covers an estimated of 4, 259 hectares of coastal marine area which is the second largest in Mindanao.

This mangrove block is a habitat of a rare species of flora and fauna, and the endangered Crocodylus Porosus or Saltwater Crocodile. 

What about US?

Crocodylus  is derived from the Greek wordkrokodeiloswhich means literally“pebble

worm”(kroko = pebble; deilos = worm) referring to the appearance of a crocodile.

Porosus  means "full of callosities", derived from porosis (Greek for "callosity") + osus (Latin for "full of"), referring to the rugose and bumpy upper surface of the snout in large adults.